24 Hours with Mark Harp

260 songs, each written and recorded in one session, 42 people with guitars and samplers and voices and stuff.


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4.5M 01 Globetrotspedbrain Recorded January 1, 1992. Mark Harp, Mike DeJong, Michele Kappel, Charles Charlesweck
4.7M 02 Yoo Hoo Recorded January 15, 1992. Mark Harp, Jack O'Dell.
3.3M 03 Something Inbetween Recorded February 17, 1992. Mark Harp, Charles Chaderwick, Dick Hertz.
5.0M 04 Hey Skeezix Recorded February 17, 1992. Mark Harp, Dick Hertz, Chad Charleswick, Rick Wright, Mike Lane, Mike Anft, Louis Frisino
5.5M 05 Hello Globetrotters Recorded February 19, 1992. Mark Harp
5.3M 06 Toota Llama Lama Recorded April 24, 1992. Mark Harp, Charles Charleswick.
1.9M 07 Goody Goody Gumdrop Recorded May 1, 1992. Mark Harp, Charlie Chadawick, Mike Wran
1.1M 08 Dave Recorded May 16, 1992. Mark Harp, Rev. Andrew King, Mike DeJong, Michele Kappel.
4.7M 09 Oh, For Christ's Sakes! Recorded May 28, 1992. Mark Harp, Charles Chadwick, Mike Wran, Janel Bosies, Amy Linthicum, Mike DeJong.
4.9M 10 Long Trot Recorded May 31, 1992, finished January 4, 1995. Mark Harp, Dave Wright, Charles Chadwicke.
1.7M 11 Tom Scruggs Recorded June 3, 1992. Mark Harp, Tom Scruggs.
4.4M 12 Yesterday Almost Nose Recorded June 8, 1992. Mark Harp, Mike Wran, Charleton Chadwick
1.6M 13 End Of The Tape Song Recorded June 11, 1992. Mark Harp, Charley Chadwicke, Mike Wran.
  5.5M 14 The Dog Song Recorded June 23, 1992. Mark Harp, Charleigh Chadwick, Dave Sarfati.  
  3.2M 15 Track! Recorded July 6, 1992. Mark Harp, Mike DeJong, Michele Kappel, Dave Wright, John Peters, Bill Dawson  

All songs written and performed by Globetrotters.
Recorded at El Gordo by Mark Harp

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