24 Hours with Mark Harp

A band, an art movement, psychedelic and sparkly. Years of work went into this.



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3.5M 01 First Look At Hell Dynamic new fissures with the jelly and spiced just right, like you know you know you like it, you know?
2.7M 02 Roll On Down China is pretty damned far away, but they make the best food anywhere. How did the cow die?
3.2M 03 Bet On Merv Tiny was a mountain man, and a mountain of a man was Tiny, but he still never really liked Mountain.
1.2M 04 Ernie Ernie Teflon was coming out of my ears, yes, teflon, and I knew this was important in some way. Yes, teflon.
2.7M 05 C'mon, Roscoe! Hey, George! Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup and/or sucrose, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavors, caffeine, love.
3.3M 06 Humanism Sex in the weather tonight, with a cloudy chance of clouds and chances are, if I wear a silly grin.
2.0M 07 Augie Augie Previously nestled in the cold steel rails of Altoona is a little frog named Killer. Makes you want to crab.
2.3M 08 I Discover Oiled Candy Younger men that didn't know any better thought them ants tasted fine, but I knew they were not. Just feed me the papers, Sport, and I'm tellin'.
2.0M 09 If I Understood What You Said Carry my old bottle up that lazy midnight shortcut and that bottle will imprint on you.
1.8M 10 Montage Ferrets blocked the sunlight and the water was as cold as a varsity cheerleader on prom night. Bummer.
3.9M 11 Mmmmm... Pickles Jerry and Cindy were tugging with all of their collective might, but the bench would not budge.
1.9M 12 Enchanted Timmy I had never used linoleum in that way before, and I was as pleased as punched in the mouth with my acts!
2.7M 13 Squid Kind, yet somehow gentle, she hosed me off and strapped me on again. I knew I was in New Jersey.
1.6M 14 Along The Way Grab your boats and let's go flying! Under milky atomic suns with the telegraph and flying! Fly! Fly!
2.2M 15 Inky Happy with his fiddle, Henry fiddled away at it like an almost mad fiddler. His fiddle, he thought.
1.5M 16 My Kind Of People Betsy took the gurney and made a firestock out of it, leaving the dross and fleet bits for the boys.
2.1M 17 No Big Man Trying to teach this wooden leg is a lot like trying to net a cold anchovy in a turnbuckle. Can my Uncle fix the blender?
  2.9M 18 Al Cappala The jerky was old and tough but worked well as a fan belt. We were on our way. Nuggets of sills.
  1.8M 19 Shakin' The Slots Merv's thumb was green and curt, as was the fashion at the time. I urge you to read and learn.  
  2.7M 20 Roll One Down Jeffrey's Uncle is a fireman, well, he was a fireman. Then he got put out. Trees, baby. Would you like a dressed Frenchman?  
  1.2M 21 Quando A fox beats the reaper because my Husband told him to. Points out the daisies. King 'em, Dan-o. King 'em ALL!.  
  4.9M 22 Toothpacked Hush and haggled, this little steamer can go and gone before you know what hit you. Any other two-door is just asking for cancer. Trumped!  
  4.6M 23 The Firing Squad Bonus honus doodilly doo and when they recalled, the fat truly hit the faithful.  
All tracks composed by KUNIGUNDA
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