24 Hours with Mark Harp

5PM - Perfect Red Chord
This collection features the Perfect Red Chord variations. First written as an aggressive power punk song, me & Mike DeJong explored some other ways of approaching the tune. Other tracks are worthwhile and should be enjoyed as usual, especially the first track.


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9.0M 01 Dave Zidek (Harp) Recorded in about 1990 and played a lot on Baltimore's WCVT-FM, it's a non-interview between Dave and Rod Misey. Very Neglandish.
2.4M 02 Cleaned Up For Madonna (Harp) 1988, cleaned the basement up 'cause Madonna was stopping by, and I wrote her a song. She never showed.
7.7M 03 Festival (DeJong-Harp) From 1990 or so, me and Mike D with my cousin Mark and his girlfriend.
1.7M 04 Perfect Red Chord demo (DeJong-Harp) This original version and the following versions were recorded in the basement in 1988 or so by Mike DeJong and me. I think we were pretty loaded at the time.
3.0M 05 Perfect Red Chord swing (DeJong-Harp) Here's the swing version. I'm not sure what we were thinking. It does swing.
2.5M 06 Perfect Red Chord reggae (DeJong-Harp) Yah mon, this de reggae version.
2.2M 07 Perfect Red Chord country (DeJong-Harp) YEE HAA! Here's the country version. Hot dang!
4.8M 08 Perfect (DeJong-Harp) So what happens when you take the song apart and put it back together and there are some parts left over and it starts but the mix is too lean? This happens.
3.8M 09 Perfect Red Chord long (DeJong-Harp) The long version is also the final version, with lots of guitars and yelling. Which one was your favorite?
5.7M 10 Helium (Wran-DeJong-Harp) Around 1990 I bought a tank of helium for balloons and high voices. Mike Wran stopped by and me and Mike DeJong sampled the Hell out of him. This song probably cost Mr. Wran a bunch of brain cells. Enjoy.
3.0M 11 The Boat (DeJong-Harp) 4-track from the basement, about 1988, one of my personal favorites 'cause it's just so weird.
6.0M 12 Week Of Sundays (Harp) Dave Smith's favorite Mark Harp song. Need I say more? From 1991 or so, out of the basement and into the living room.
1.7M 13 Rattatattletail (Harp) Early 4-track basement 1988 or so, borrowed a real big drum machine and went nuts.
6.1M 14 Freezer Burn (Harp) A 4 track thing from 1988 or so, it changes when you look at it from the left.

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