24 Hours with Mark Harp

Features the scores from Vampire Alice, Reverse Psychology, and other shows. 1993-2000


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  2.3M 01 - The Adventures Of Felix Intro 1995, Action Theater, Baltimore, written by Tony Tsendeas. I played "Rudy The Band"  
  1.2M 02 - The Artificial Jungle Overture 1993, Action Theater.  
  578.5K 03 - I Married A Fly Overture From Action Theater's 1995 I Married A Fly, written by Thomas E. Cole. I played kindly Doc Johnson.  
  497.8K 04 - Fly News Montage (Cole-Harp) Also from I Married A Fly.  
  736.9K 05 - Beckettland Excerpt (Beckett-Harp) Action Theater toured Europe and America with this collection of Beckett plays tied together with a ghostly carnival theme enhanced by the sound design. 1994-1998  
  481.5K 06 - Intertop Jingle Written for a production of The Bad Infinity at Catholic University, Washington, DC, in 1997, with Laura Hackman at the wheel and Kirby Malone throwing down the visuals.  
  4.6M 07 - Beat On The Cabbie This was used during set changes and stuff for Really Big Expectations, a Kimberley Lynne play performed at Axis Theatre in 1998. The song itself was done in 1993.  
  3.0M 08 - Chris's Bus Ride From 1994, written for a show but not used, then almost used in another show. That qualifies it, I guess.  
  593.1K 09 - Vampire Alice - Free (Cole-Harp) Vampire Alice was performed in October 1999 by Full Circle Theater at Goucher College, Baltimore and was written by Thomas E. Cole. The sound design features the violin of Miss Julie Baker.  
  775.7K 10 - VA - Wracked (Cole-Harp) The Blood Voices are Brian Chetelat, Joan Weber, Cassandra Davis, Tom Cole, Ezra Picard, Brian Daniloski, Dave Zidek, Charles Chadwick, John Cole, Clay Opara, Fred Collins, and me.  
  902.4K 11 - VA - I Foolishly Fell (Cole-Harp)    
  283.8K 12 - VA - Beautiful (Cole-Harp)    
   510.7K 13 - VA - Safety (Cole-Harp)    
  610.6K 14 - VA - Alice Hears The Voices (Cole-Harp)    
  1.1M 15 - VA - The Feel Of Warm Blood (Cole-Harp)    
  616.9K 16 - VA - A Good Vampire (Cole-Harp)    
  738.5K 17 - VA - I Tore Open His Chest (Cole-Harp)    
  545.4K 18 - VA - You Will Learn (Cole-Harp)    
  722.7K 19 - VA - Stalking (Cole-Harp)    
  858.1K 20 - VA - Blood Is Sweet (Cole-Harp)    
  978.9K 21 - VA - Blood Advice (Cole-Harp)    
  769.9K 22 - VA - She Had A Weak Heart (Cole-Harp)    
  1.1M 23 - VA - Seduction (Cole-Harp)    
  650.8K 24 - VA - Fear Alters The Taste (Cole-Harp)    
  3.3M 25 - We Are All Alice (Cole-Harp-DeJong) Not used in the production, made from parts of the dialogue and a loop from Curtis Bay.  
  7.3M 26a - Le Petit Mort pt 1 Written and recorded in one night during the production of Mayakovski's Bathhouse by IIA Theater in 1991, it was used as the pre and post show music.  
  7.2M 26b - Le Petit Mort pt 2 Ditto.  
  2.3M 27 - Reverse Psychology - Theme (Ludlam-Harp) Reverse Psychology was performed at Axis Theatre Baltimore in 2000, the music was recorded at Amagica with Erin Jakowski on vocals, and Tony Tsendeas as the co-conspirator.  
  266.2K 28 - RP - Artist's Garret    
  186.0K 29 - RP - A Cheap Hotel    
  1.3M 30 - RP - Calypso Beach    
  340.6K 31 - RP - Intermission    
  263.3K 32 - RP - Dr. Karen Gold     
  185.6K 33 - RP - Dr. Leonard Silver     
  183.5K 34 - RP - Manhattan Apartment    
  185.6K 35 - RP - Museum Of Art    
  686.3K 36 - RP - Funny Epilogue    
  9.2M 37 - The Anti-Caking Agent (Globetrotters) Written and recorded but not used for a show that wasn't written or produced. Michele Kappel from The Kirby Grips guests on vocals, with Mike and Charlie and everybody just groovin'.  
All tracks written by Mark Harp unless noted

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