24 Hours with Mark Harp

8PM - The Mark Harp Band 1
Maybe the most accessible stuff, mostly 1988/1989 studio recordings of The Mark Harp Band with Crack The Sky's John Palumbo producing. Mike DeJong on sax & keys, Dave Zidek on bass, Jack Odell on the drums.


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5.1M 01 Boring Holes (Harp-DeJong) Produced by John Palumbo at Mainframe Studio 1988
3.9M 02 The Action - The Reaction (Harp) Produced by JP, features the Unknown Sisters on backing vocals
3.8M 03 Memorial (Harp) Produced by JP, features the world's largest bass player, Mr. David Zidek. It's all about the Lincolns.
3.8M 04 I Like You (Harp) Produced by JP, it's a swirly Beatles kinda tune.
4.4M 05 New Horizon (Dawson-Harp) Produced by JP, features the Rumba Club horns and Unknown Sisters on backing vocals.
3.7M 06 Movie Dream (Harp) Produced by JP, features Ben Watson on Jimi guitar.
3.1M 07 Sandwich Man (Harp-DeJong) Produced by JP, released on a cassette with Big Man, features Curtis Bay at the drive-thru window.
3.5M 08 Big Man (Harp) Produced by MH, with Leslie F. Miller on vocals.
4.8M 09 The Drill (Harp-DeJong) Produced by MH, Dave on bass, Mike on keys, recorded for Merkin Records "Seedy Sampler" at Mainframe.1989
4.6M 10 The Problem (Harp) Produced by MH at 1137 Studios with Leo, features the talented Leo McLaughlin on harmonica 1989
4.4M 11 Bozo Talk (Harp) Funky Go-Go number inspired by the world in 1989
4.0M 12 Home (Harp) Home is where you hang your head. 1989 at 1137 Studios
5.3M 13 I Don't Care (Harp) Produced and performed by MH at 1137 with Jo Connor and Leslie F. Miller guesting on vocals
3.4M 14 Big Man instrumental (Harp) A reduced mix of Big Man.
1.4M 15 King Of Peru (Harp-Wran-Chadwick) Bonus track features MH, Mike Wran, and Sir Charles Chadwick. First appearance of the King Of Peru legend.

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