24 Hours with Mark Harp

10PM - Step 3 - Boom Boom Boom... & Smoke
Recorded in 1989-1990 by Mark Harp and Mike DeJong, this was to be a full CD release, and now it is.


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6.1M 01 I've Got $5.00  
504.5K 02 Cricket Scratch    Recorded at El Gordo
3.9M 03 The Possum Song  Features Leslie F. Miller on vocals
1.6M 04 Larry   Recorded at El Gordo
2.5M 05 Perfect Red Chord  
1.3M 06 A Funkier Beat   Recorded at El Gordo, David G. Smith - Sampled Vocal
5.9M 07 Uphill Climb  
7.3M 08 Cool And Refreshing  
4.2M 09 Stupid Broad 1   Recorded at El Gordo
382.0K 10 Llama   Recorded at El Gordo
1.4M 11 Brand New Horizon   Recorded at El Gordo
4.8M 12 Psyclorama  Recorded at Invisible Studios with Dave Nachodsky
3.0M 13 Nanny's Theme   Recorded at El Gordo
  486.9K 14 Breakdance  Recorded at El Gordo  
  4.3M 15 Death Of A Relationship    
  533.3K 16 The First Time   Recorded at El Gordo  
  1.6M 17 Erf Erf Erf  Recorded at El Gordo - Buck Awf, Mike Wran, Ex-Wife, Dead Parents - sampled vocals  
  6.0M 18 Set The Cat On Fire Featuring Mike Wran on vocals and guitar, and George Hagegeorge on guitar  
1.8M 19 Nurses Building  Location recording by Mike DeJong

All songs written by Step 3. Produced by Step 3.
Recorded with George Hagegeorge and Steve Palmieri at Mainframe Studios except as noted, analog assembly at Mainframe 1991, digitally remastered 1998 at Orleans Street Sound, digitally restored 2004 at Xmas Street Studio.

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