24 Hours with Mark Harp

11AM - Mark Harp - The Drill
Ok, you know the drill. This is a collection of home studio events and songs, some of my favorite stuff. Jingles and jangles and fur and the night time.


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2.2M 01 The Drill - 98 Rock (Harp-DeJong) The Drill appears on Merkin Records' Seedy Sampler and on another part of this project, but this version is the 98 Rock Home Tapes version, and it's a little different than the others. You'll see.
5.3M 02 Sandwich Man remix (Harp) A 1989 remix of 1988's Sandwich Man, this is longer and goofier, and samplers were new and stupid. Mike DeJong plays the drive-thru guy, George Hagegeorge engineered, did some drum programs, and still doesn't like me very much.
5.3M 03 Cool Enough (Harp) From 1994, this song is about a bad vacation experience. All the words are sampled. Nothing is as it should be.
4.2M 04 Stand On His Feet (Harp) A 1993 instrumental guitar solo song that got a lot of downloads on that mp3 site that went down. Damn.
4.3M 05 Drugs (Harp)  1994, recorded at home, good subject matter, good bass line, cool song.
  2.4M 06 Portland's Under Water (Harp) 1996 - home on the 4 track - I love Portland, I should live there, or marry it.  
  1.1M 07 Worthwhile 3 (Harp) Home recording from 1993, it's the third of three different songs done with the same sounds.  
  4.8M 08 Marin Muir (Harp) Recorded in 1992 at home right after recording a very hard loud song, so it's like a kind of mint or candy.  
3.3M 09 My New Wave Friend (Harp) 1994 or so, home studio, digging the analog synth sound.
  3.3M 10 I Was Just Wondering (Harp) From 1994, a song about repeating. From 1994, a song about repeating.   
  3.7M 11 You Vote Republican (Harp) Recorded at home in 1993 after a happy holiday visit.  
  3.8M 12 Together (Hillman)  Recorded 1996, a short lived band with Angela Crepeau on vocals, Dave Zidek on bass, and Augie Buchheit on drums, never left the basement before Angela left town. Could have been a killer.  
  1.6M 13 Yeah Yeah Yeah (Harp-Hilllman)  Basic tracks recorded in 1994 or so, vocals in 2000, it's a band called Asshead with Snackie, Mark & Augie doing a Harp/Snackie song.  
  3.4M 14 The Ultimate Warrior (Harp-Hillman)  This is a band called Asshead, recorded live at Memory Lane, with Snackie on guitar & vocals, Mark on bass & vocals, and Augie on drums & vocals, playing heavier Pornflakes songs as a 3 piece. About 1994 or so, lasted a few gigs  
  4.9M 15 Parasites (Harp-Hillman) Recorded live at Memory Lane in Baltimore in 1995 with Mike DeJong on sax, Charles Chadwick on bass, and Augie Buchheit on drums. Written with Snackie before I quit Pornflakes.   
  5.2M 16 The Brian Song (Harp)  From 1994 a song about Pornflakes and why I loved that band. Brian appears courtesy of his own bad self.  
  507.4K 17 Welcome (Harp) From 1993 it's Welcome to the Don and Mike Show, a jingle entered in their old radio jingle contests. It didn't win, but it got a lot of play on the air.  
  601.0K 18 Don & Mike Show Theme (Harp)  Another Don and Mike show jingle from 1993, they played this one a lot on the show.  

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