24 Hours with Mark Harp

11PM - Mark Harp - Walnut Candle
A nice batch of my solo songs from


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4.2M 01 Big Behind (Harp) Recorded 1996 in Bonnie's basement, this one's pretty obvious but I had to write it.
2.4M 02 The Heimlich Manoever (Harp) 1996, Bonnie's basement, bitter and recording about it. Spot the truck driver changing gears moment.
1.6M 03 KCR (Harp) Written in 1981 for Null Set, this version recorded in Snackie's basement in 1996, I played everything, even the drums.
5.9M 04 I Need A Woman (Harp) 1996, Bonnie's basement, mad at the world in general, Grand Funk on the 8-track.
2.6M 05 Little Cupid (Harp)  Written 1995, recorded in Snackie's basement. A love song for the lonely.
  2.7M 06 Icon (Dawson-Harp) Written in 1980 by Mark and Null Set vocalist Bill Dawson, recorded in Bonnie's basement in 1996.  
  2.1M 07 Closest (Harp) From 1999, a true story, some of it is about a kitten, some of it isn't.  
  3.9M 08 Foolproof (Harp) Recorded in a carriage house by an ugly man in 2000, it's a trance pants dash recorded with Cool Edit.  
3.1M 09 Why (Harp) Why indeed. From 2000, using Acid.
  2.6M 10 Back Into A Groove (Harp) Recorded in 2000 and released on a compilation cassette from Sugary Tea Records.  
  3.4M 11 Self Respect (Harp) From 1999, vocals recorded on Action Theater's computer with music tracks from 1993 or so, a nice experiment and a foul mood.  
  2.1M 12 The Underwear Song (Squeegie-Harp) Written in 2000 with the online help of Rubber Squeegie from Beck's BBS.  
  4.1M 13 Dimming Light (Harp)  1993 or so, back from Los Angeles and writing songs like a house on fire. Boin boin boin.  
  3.6M 14 Motherfu--er (Harp) 1994 or so, very odd lyrics, download this one and listen to it later.  
  3.7M 15 Torture (Harp) A home recording from 1993 after a trip to Los Angeles.  
  3.5M 16 You're Not Invited (Harp) Recorded at home in 1993, it concerns a failed vacation, and the sampler crashed at the end so, just so you know, it had another verse.  
  8.0M 17 Walnut Candle (Harp) I think that this is one of the strangest songs I have ever written and recorded. I'm not even too sure I wrote it, the inside of my head pretty much sounds like this all day. 1993  
  753.6K 18 It's A Don & Mike Kind Of Love (Harp)  Written for a radio jingle contest that ended early and split the prize up, I got about 11 dollars. 1996  

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