24 Hours with Mark Harp

12PM - Mark Harp - Worthwhile
A lovely bunch of songs from a lovely bunch of coconuts. Certainly worthwhile.


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4.3M 01 You Cay It Can't Be True (Harp-Dobbs) Created in 1993 from an interview I did with Rev. Ivan Stang from the Church Of The SubGenius in 1983 on WJHU-FM. Praise "Bob" and pass the onions.
4.1M 02 Cymbalism (Harp-DeJong) Early 4-track from 1987 with added cymbalism. Mike DeJong on synth, me on manual drum machine.
1.6M 03 Worthwhile 1 (Harp) From 1991, a worthwhile instrumental ditty with a snappy beat.
4.4M 04 Metal Dust (Globetrotters) From 1992, featuring Meatjack's former drummer Mike Hill on high vocals with Brian and Jason from Meatjack on guitars, Dave Zidek on bass, and me on the drum pads. A must listen track, and a Globetrotter too.
3.8M 05 I Can't Wait (Harp) From 1996, a song about post-divorce dating. You know who you are. Not the best fidelity.
  3.8M 06 Dirty Magazines (Harp-DeJong) 1990, Mike DeJong on the keys, Mike Wran on the mike, George Hagegeorge on the phone, I'm overseeing and laughing.  
  4.7M 07 I Wish I Had A Bone (Harp) Oh, around 1991 this was recorded featuring the newlyweds, Buck & Eve.  
  5.7M 08 My Eyes, My Keys (Wran-Harp) 1991 or so, in the living room with Mike Wran on sampled vocals.  
5.2M 09 She's A Cop (Harp) Probably around 1991, another song about lady cops.
  6.3M 10 I Was Fine (Harp) Recorded around 1992, a song about my dead parents, but mostly an excuse to play some guitar.  
  4.2M 11 The Cobble Aleut Song (Harp) Well, the words were written from notes taken while a friend told of her adventures in Alaska, the words and melody of the chorus are the first song I ever wrote, and it was all put together in 1990 or so. Historical.  
  9.3M 12 Grey Peach Cobbler (Zidek-Harp)  From 1992, a song inspired by the food served at a half-way house. Most vocals by Dave Zidek.  
  2.1M 13 Back On The Farm (Harp)  A return to the 4-track in 1994 I think, it was just a guitar song with a jaw harp.  

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